Do you want a better
for ChatGPT? 🎨

It's the moment to re-imagine
ChatGPT UI making it truly yours!

StylerGPT - Themes

Choose from 25 color themes to tailor
ChatGPT's look to your taste

StylerGPT - Backgrounds

Select from 25 HQ backgrounds to
create an inspiring chat space

StylerGPT - Fonts

Customize readability with 25 elegant
Google font options

Why people

The themes and image selection are beautiful, and truly allows a personalized experience when using ChatGTP.

Excellent application, to improve I recommend an option to change the background automatically every day.

Excellent, and endearingly high quality! I will be using this for the long haul, and might even consider the paid version soon.

This chrome extension has really improved my overall experience with ChatGTP! Very well played @Botrush Team! 🎯

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is StylerGPT for ChatGPT free to use?
  • How do I access the widget's settings?
  • Can I use StylerGPT with the latest ChatGPT Plus updates?
  • Do I need any coding knowledge to customize my ChatGPT UI?
  • Will using StylerGPT affect the performance of ChatGPT?
  • Is StylerGPT compatible with other ChatGPT extensions?

Chat in style with
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